Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Meet Women

Blind dates. Let everyone know you’re looking. With your friends and family, you can be obvious about it; with others, let it *casually* come out in conversation, even in a joking way. (But please don’t post that you’re looking on your Facebook page, or your Evite profile. Read: desperate!) Accept setups from anyone: relatives, friends or co-workers. It’s one evening out of your life. How bad can it be? If nothing else you can blog about it.

Church. Most spiritual communities have more single women than single men, so this can be a place to go where the odds are in your favor even in an area of the country, like the Northwest, where the general population has more single men than women. Adult education classes, Bible studies, volunteer outings and singles group get-togethers are your best bet for meeting women in a spiritual community. Going to a church service and sitting in a pew is not going to net you a date.

But you may be an atheist.

Work. Co-workers, clients, those who work in your building but aren’t part of your company, the postal carrier, the UPS woman are all possibles. But I’d caution you on dating a co-worker. If it doesn’t work out, it can be AWKWARD. Or embarrassing, depending on what she now knows about you and might tell other people you work with…

Hobbies. Sports, the gym, classes through community centers and community colleges, volunteer work, political action groups, and cons are all great ways to meet people. Take a look at in your area. There are probably half a dozen Meetup groups that already exist that pique your interest. And people sometimes post their pics and bios on Meetup, so you can decide if there are enough interesting females involved in the group to be worth your while--aside from how interesting the topic of the group is to you…

Think about to whom you give charitable donations. You obviously value what the organization does. What about volunteering your time with them?

Have you watched “Darcon”? Plenty of the guys in that movie had girlfriends and wives and they are no better looking or socially adept than you. Don’t turn your nose up at going to a Star Trek convention just because you’re not that big of a fan. You like it, don’t you? There will be geeky women there. Check them out.

Up next Friday: Speed Dating and Online Dating

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