Friday, June 11, 2010

Sharing and Caring: Gifts, Part Two

Gifts Suggestions for the Woman You’re Dating

A nostalgic gift, such as an old edition of a book she loved as a girl but doesn’t own or a CD (digital download) of a cheesy band she listened to in high school. These gifts make for great conversation. They also show that you really listen to what she says, since you remembered her talking about how she read The Boxcar Children twelve times in second grade and how she wanted to live like they did.

A book or music that you are sure she’ll like. If you get this one right, she could fall in love with you. I do not exaggerate. Showing that you are that in touch with her taste in music and literature is the best form of flattery, and it means you really get her.

Flowers, especially if you send them to her at work. I know flowers seem like a generic present--after all, you get them for your mother every year on Mother’s Day. But women like other women to be jealous of their thoughtful lovers. And it breaks the monotony of the work day.

A gift card to a lingerie store (*after* you’ve started sleeping together) can be nice, but give it in tandem with an item from that store. This will show you put some thought and time into the gift. You probably do not have enough tact to buy her lingerie--so get a silk robe.

A gift certificate for a spa day or massage at a *conveniently located* place. (Convenient for her.) This is the other exception to the no-gift-certificates rule. You can’t go wrong with this.

A cashmere sweater. A word of caution here: pay attention to the kind of necklines she wears. For example, I don’t wear crewneck shirts because I don’t have the hips for it. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, I am merely proving my point that you really need to pay attention to what she wears and not wing it. Also note the colors that she wears and that look good on her. Word of caution: if she wears blue all the time, don’t just get her any blue cashmere sweater you see. Make sure it’s the right shade of blue. I look great in navy blue but would never wear baby blue. There is a radical difference.

An evening out at a really nice restaurant or cultural event (a play, the ballet, etc.).

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