Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fighting Wrapup

The Least You Can Do:

Identify your fighting style. Are you a Yielder? an Avoider? a Debater? a Winner? or a Compromiser?

Reflect back on your last week or month and identify a problem you have with someone that needs to be resolved. And then practice conflict resolution with someone with whom it’s less threatening to do so than an intimate partner, such as a parent, co-worker or sibling.

Identify your hot buttons. And realize that’s *your* issue, not hers. If shoes left under the coffee table send you into a tizzy, that’s your problem--not hers for leaving them there.

Honor Student:

Get assertiveness training.

On Friday, I'll start blogging about figuring out what it is you really want in a woman--and figuring out what it is women really want.

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