Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello all!

While it has been a fabulous journey for me to write this blog, it's time for me to move on to other projects. I am not, however, leaving you without the rest of my sex advice! Where's the rest of it? It's available! Free from me via a PDF of the whole book. Just write to me at and I'll send The Geek's Guide to Getting the Girl to you! Hey, and it's available as a Kindle book on for only 0.99! What a deal!

The remaining sections in the Sexploits chapter include:

Getting Her Off

Things You Need to Tell Her (or Not)

How to Tell if She Likes What You're Doing

Oral Sex Tips

So now I'll close with my words from the last chapter of the book:

As you bring your new dating skills into the world and embark upon some risk-taking, I have a few last words of advice:

Share your skills. You’re a computer expert? You can hook up a hi-def TV in sixty seconds? Let it be known! You’d be amazed at how many single women (well, people in general, but we don’t care about them) need help from time to time, even if they don’t want to admit it. Offering to help is a great way to meet and get to know friends of friends and workplace acquaintances.

Quit worrying about getting older. You may be losing your hair. At twenty-five. Or it may be going gray. Maybe you used to be skinny and now suddenly you’ve got this paunch. At your twenty-year high school reunion, it’s the men who are sneering at your lack of hair and your wrinkles, not the women. Women don’t care. Neither should you.

Don’t be a pushover. I hear men complain about women who say they want a nice, sensitive guy, but when they find him, they dump him. The truth? Women don’t dump nice guys. They dump pushovers. Don’t let being desperate turn you into a milquetoast. Have an opinion. Don’t let her get her way all the time. She’ll lose respect for you if you do.

Don’t settle. Resources are not scarce. Don’t let your state of desperation lead to marrying the first woman you date for more than a month. I’ve seen too many geeks marry their first girlfriend and come to regret it. And these same guys are too damn nice to divorce her. Which leaves the rest of us single women without hope of ever snagging you. Not fair to us, not fair to you. Don’t marry your first girlfriend.

And let me tell you a secret that I’ve hidden from you until now: Other men envy you. Yes, even the men with tanned, cocoa-buttered chests and devastating smiles. Why? Because women find you approachable. You don’t judge people by how they look and the world in turn treats you the same. The geek culture you come from is accepting of all kinds of people, so you’ll talk to anyone--and actually listen to them.

Other men envy you because you genuinely like life and have time to enjoy it. You have hobbies you pursue with a passion, not because you have nothing better to do with your time but because you love what you do. You have freedom most men don’t have at your age, precisely because you aren’t married and don’t have kids who gobble up all your leisure time.

Other men envy you because women find you interesting. You have a brain and you’re willing to use it even though you aren’t in college anymore. The best conversations most people have are the ones they had in college staying up late at night discussing some arcane theory. As a geek, you continue to engage in contemplating the universe while most people turn twenty-two and never again seriously think about anything. They’ve formed their opinions, they’ve gained all the knowledge about the world they think they need, and they’re done. You are not like that, and women find that attractive.

Other men envy you because of your technical know-how, scientific background and affinity for computers guarantee that you will get ahead and stay ahead financially. It’s a geek’s world now.

Start looking around and you’ll see it. Women (over twenty-five) are more likely to talk to you than the Charmer. And people are more genuinely interested in your opinion than in the opinion of the Man, whose thoughts are easily guessed and never deviate from the party line.

You’ve become the High-Functioning Geek and now nothing can hold you back. Not even an immovable object. Because you, as an irresistible object, cannot logically exist in a universe where there is an immovable object!

Good Luck! And feel free to email me at


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