Friday, October 1, 2010

Sexual Etiquette, Part One

Have trimmed, filed nails. And make sure the skin on your hands is smooth too. The last thing you want to do is scratch her tender, sensitive skin when you’re making love to her. She will not want you to touch her there again.

Make sure it’s warm enough in the bedroom for no clothes to be on. Close the window and turn on the heat if necessary. Conversely, if it’s a hot summer night, make sure it’s cool enough. Open a window, and turn on a fan.

Be entirely certain she wants to! Don’t assume that since you did it on your last date that she wants to continue in that vein. Ask “Is this okay?”

Do it in a bed, especially at first. Experimentation can be saved for later. The back seat of a car, the floor of a barn, on the ground in the woods is too rough on the back.

Music can be a nice touch, but some women, especially when first sleeping with someone, can find any sound or visual stimulation distracting. Forgo mood music until you know what she likes better. And leave the lights dim--not because she’s modest but because a bright light bulb shining in the eyes can be irritating and distracting from the activity at hand.

Compliment her body. Women love to feel powerful, seductive, sexy. Simply saying “You are so beautiful,” or “You have an amazingly sexy body” is perfect. Any woman will love to hear that. Or notice some detail about her body and say “I love this [part or nook]”--only don't say “I love this part on *women's* bodies.” She doesn't want to hear about other women—leave that part off.

On Tuesday: Sexual Etiquette, Part Two

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