Friday, April 2, 2010

Moi? Boring? Part Three

Do Interesting Things. I’m not talking about hobbies here but one-time adventures like taking a road trip or a vacation to an exotic locale, going to see an avant-garde play, or trying new foods. If you have a new adventure to share each time you see someone at a party, she will love talking to you to find out what cool thing you’ve been up to.

Exercise: For the next year, say yes to everything new that you are invited to do or see (that isn’t illegal or immoral). If you see an ad for a performance artist who needs volunteers at his next exhibition, say yes. If a friend wants to see a band you’ve never heard of, say yes. If your mom wants to fix you up with an ugly, fat girl you went to church with as a kid, say yes.

Exercise: Make a list of all the things you want to do before you die. Don’t stop until you have at least twenty-five--or fifty--items on your list. Make a commitment to do something from your list by the end of the month, and then keep picking an item each month to accomplish. Figuring out how to do each item could be an adventure in itself. Want to ride fast on a motorcycle, but you don’t know how to drive one and don’t know anyone who owns one? Put the word out there to your friends and you’ll soon find someone to help you out.

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