Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Throwing a Singles Mixer, Part Three

The Dos and Don’ts of Party Throwing


*If you decide to go for a theme (retro cocktail party, Hawaiian), don’t insist people dress for it. They’ll never do it unless your acquaintances tend to be especially ovine in their willingness to follow potentially embarrassing instructions (or you live in the Midwest).

*Don’t enforce board-game playing. Leave the games out on a table and let it evolve naturally.

*Don’t put out all the food at once with a long party. Don’t invite children to any party, much less a singles mixer!

*Don’t talk work with co-workers at your party.

*Don’t ignore anyone just because they are not a possible. You’re the host!


*Do have a place for coats.

*Do entertain with a friend or two to increase attendance, spread cost and allow you time off from hosting duty so you can flirt.

*Do ask guests to bring a dish to share.

*Do hire a bartender if you can afford it.

*Do let the hours of your party cross over times of day. For example, start in the afternoon and go into the evening. Your party is more likely to be attended. It allows people to drop in when they can around other social obligations they might have.

*Do have activities available: board games, group video games. This will keep people there longer, and allows you to get to know people in a way you can’t through conversation.

*Do ask friends to ask friends to ask friends and do invite family (cousins, siblings).

Next time: Planning Your Party

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