Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moi? Boring? Wrapup

When I encourage you to set out to be more interesting, am I asking you not to be yourself? Well, how has being you worked out for your dating life?

Actually, I’m not asking you to do things you don’t have any interest in. I’m saying don’t stop growing as an individual, keep being curious about new things. Don’t get in a rut. Being in a rut is not the same thing as being satisfied with your life. A rut is fear of the unknown. A rut is over-commitment to a self you were last year or ten years ago. You might have hated olives when you were eight. That doesn’t mean you’ll hate them now. Give them a try. Just because you’ve been reading sci-fi since you were eleven doesn’t mean that as an adult you like it to the exclusion of all other kinds of literature. Quit making assumptions about yourself! Stretch yourself!

The Least You Can Do

Start a new hobby. List the professions you wanted to grow up to do. List the professions you find interesting now. Use these lists as a springboard to choose new hobbies.

Select an item from your list of Things to Do Before You Die and check it off.

Honor Student

Take psychotropic drugs (as prescribed).

Do everything on your list of Things to Do Before You Die.

Say yes to everything new anyone asks you to do/be involved in for the next year. (Except for Thanksgiving dinner with the annoying extended family. You don’t have to do that.)

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