Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Woman-to-Geek Dictionary, Part Three

A couple more signs she’s interested that I forgot to include last week:

She laughs at all your jokes. No, you are not that funny, so this is a pretty good indicator.

And, of course, the old leaning-so-you-can-see-down-her-shirt move.

And now…

Clues She Isn’t Interested

You suspect she isn’t interested.

You’re not sure if she’s interested and you’ve discussed whether she is or isn’t interested with more than one other person.

She says “I don't feel comfortable giving you my number.” This means “Please don't ask me a third time. Also, quit talking to me.”

She says she will call (or makes any kind of promise, small or large) and doesn’t follow through.

She says "Actually, I'm busy tonight. And this weekend. And next week."

She makes long excuse stories for why she hasn’t called you, including “I’ve been so busy at work/with the holidays/my parents’ visit” and “I moved last weekend.” I am not suggesting that she is lying about being busy or having moved, but if she’s interested, those things would not matter. She would have called.

She takes a long time calling you back. A long time is more than two days.

“I just want to be friends” = “I just want to be friends.”

She says “You remind me of my brother.” This means she does not like you *that* way. Unless her family was really weird.

She turns you into a friend. This is concretely manifested by the following: you go out on group outings instead of one-on-one dates; she talks about other guys (ones she’s interested in or not); she brings up women she thinks you would like; she talks about future plans, trips and events she’s going to without including you or finding out what you’re doing then.

Up on Friday: More Translations from the Woman-to-Geek Dictionary

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