Friday, January 29, 2010

The Competition: The Adventurer

The next type of man that just might be your competition is the Adventurer.

Definition: The Adventurer went to a really good university but didn’t graduate. Instead he started a business that made him rich by the time he was thirty. He likes to try new things but isn’t rash like the Bad Boy (I‘ll discuss him on Tuesday). He doesn’t typically live in one city for more than a few years.

What He Has that You Don’t: Risk-taking gene. An interesting life.

The Type of Women He Attracts: Other Adventurers. Thrill seekers.

What It Tells You about a Woman if Her Last Boyfriend Was an Adventurer: She’s spontaneous. She spends her weekends and evenings out. She’s physically active. She’s moving to Shanghai next week.

What to Do to Be More Like Him:

Physical attributes: Tan. Work out by rock-climbing or training for (and doing) an Ironman.

Hobbies: Sail. Race. Travel. Start businesses. Sell said businesses.

Behaviors: Say ‘yes’ to most requests to do something new (spelunking, going on a photo shoot of polar bears in the Arctic, filling in for Warren Buffett doing a talk at the last minute).

What to Do to Win Over a Woman When He Is Your Main Competition:

You’re in luck if he’s just been transferred to another country by his company. Unless she’s willing to follow. In which case you’re screwed. Better luck next time. Of course, if she isn’t following him, it’s probably because she already had plans to move to New York. Don’t you bother following her. You haven’t a chance with her unless you’re an Adventurer yourself. And if you are, you don’t need me to tell you what to do to win her over. If an Adventurer is your competition, move on. He has you beat.

Up next: The Bad Boy

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