Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Competition: The Man

The Man.

Definition: He’s into money, power, expensive toys (electronics, cars, etc.). He’s basically a soul-less Frat Boy all grown up.

What He Has that You Don’t: Money. Power. A manly face and body. Hugo Boss and Armani suits.

The Type of Women He Attracts: Shallow women. Women who want to be taken care of. Princesses.

What It Tells You about a Woman if Her Last Boyfriend Was The Man: She expects too much. You better have a house, a substantial stock portfolio and be willing to foot the tab every time.

What to Do to Be More Like Him:

Physical attributes: Bulk up. Look older: dress more formally, shave or grow a beard (which makes you appear more mature), and/or get glasses.

Hobbies: Invest. Drink scotch (and know the difference between single malt and double malt).

Behavior: Engage in all types of chivalry, including paying the check, opening doors for her and standing up when she leaves the table. Talk about money (how much you make, how to earn more, where to invest it, what you’ve recently spent it on).

What to Do to Win Over a Woman When The Man Is Your Main Competition:

If you can’t compete financially, walk away right now. If you can afford to date the kind of women that are attracted to The Man, you can get an edge on The Man by being more explicit about your financial situation than he’s likely to be up front. Let her know you’re willing to support a life partner financially. Play up anything in your life that speaks to your stability, like having been with your company for ten years, any recent promotion or owning a home. Geeks often have money but are reluctant to make it known, either verbally or by their actions. You can count on The Man to drive an expensive car and have a good haircut. The Man may have a bit of tact initially and refrain from talking about his possessions, but it will be obvious that he does have money by the new Audi he drives. Don’t let the woman forget that the geeks are the ones making the money these days and that you’re as (or more) financially secure than The Man.

On Friday, The Asshole/Loser/Addict/Abuser

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