Friday, January 15, 2010

The Competition

Today I start discussing your competition: how to be like them, and how to win against them.

I’ll be writing about various “types” of men. Each entry will define a type, what he has that you don't, the kind of women he attracts, how to be more like him (including physical attributes, hobbies and behavior), and, the key ingredient, how to win over a woman when that type is your main competition.

It goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway so you don’t think I’m a complete idiot when it comes to the complexities of human psychology) that real people are, of course, more complex than a stereotype. But stereotypes do have some truth in them, and labels have some social functionality.

So apply and use as you see fit.

I’ll begin with the types probably don’t want to be. Up today: The Frat Boy.

The Frat Boy.

Definition: A universal type who needs no definition.

What He Has that You Don’t: Athletic build. Privileged background. Trust fund.

The Type of Women He Attracts: Desperate women with no self-esteem.
What It Tells You about a Woman if Her Last Boyfriend Was a Frat Boy: She might put out and not care how bad you are in bed.

What to Do to Be More Like Him:

Physical attributes: Work out. Wear baseball caps and sports jerseys.

Hobbies: Drink. Watch sports. Play sports. Play practical jokes.

Behavior: Get drunk. Engage in homophobic jokes.

What to Do to Win Over a Woman When a Frat Boy Is Your Main Competition:

Pay attention to the woman; actually listen to her because he won’t. Take her sexual innuendos in stride, don’t show embarrassment, and don’t ignore the comments. Rather reply with sexual innuendo. Make her laugh--usually with sexual innuendo or by making fun of the Frat Boy. Just don’t be too cruel or she’ll defend him. Or he’ll beat you up.

On Tuesday, “The Man.”

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