Friday, September 17, 2010

What Do Women Want?

The Physical
Women tend to be less picky than men about looks and weight but we do have standards:
*Clean clipped fingernails. No one wants to get scratched with a rough nail.
*Thighs that are larger than hers.
*Two eyebrows. No unibrows please!
*A reasonable level of physical strength. Okay, so we’re a little shallow.

*Takes care of his health. Men typically die earlier--we don’t want you to make it worse.
*Shows public displays of affection.
*Knows how to give a massage.
*Is good in bed.
*Has a clean bathroom.
*Thinks and says her body is the sexiest thing ever.
*Doesn’t look at other women, particularly when you’re together. (She will find out if you’re looking at other women when she isn’t around.)
*Is a good storyteller.

Personality Traits
*Is silly, makes her laugh. Remember: quoting Monty Python is not funny. Neither are puns. (Okay, sometimes puns are funny but *you* can’t tell the difference between the funny ones and the un-funny ones. So avoid them.)
*Is verbally, emotionally expressive.
*Is spontaneous.
*Has some trait or accomplishment she can be proud of: really good-looking, successful, smart, entrepreneurial or nurturing. You don’t have to be all of those things. One will do. Women like to brag about their beaus. Give her something she can brag about.
*Is stable (financially, emotionally).
*Is fiercely loyal.
*Is thoughtful--once might have been called chivalry. Remember to have her favorite candy or chips on hand when she comes over to watch a movie. Ask about the work project she talked about last time you were together. Bring her hot soup when she’s sick.

That's what we want!


  1. The "is good in bed" one seems like it could use a future post or two on the topic. It seems to me that your target audience consists of people who have had little success in dating, and therefore very likely have had very few opportunities to gain any experience in bed with someone else. That seems to put your audience into a catch-22, of not having the experience to be good in bed and not being able to get experience in part because they're not good in bed.

    Also, I really want to take exception to "doesn't look at other women". Taking that at face value, it sounds pretty ridiculous. Most people (men and women) check others out in an appraising/appreciative manner—it's human nature. But there's glancing, and then there's blatant ogling, and then there's flirting… it depends on what level you really mean by that. If you really mean that the basic glance is objectionable and "we'll pretend not to look, you'll pretend not to notice us looking" is not an acceptable compromise, then that's just not going to work. On the other hand, perhaps for your audience it's more important to start from a strongly-stated position ("don't look at other women") and let them learn from experience how flexible they can be with a particular partner.

  2. Yes, I will definitely be addressing the sex topic in later posts and/or in the book.

    I stand by what I said about looking at other women. There may be those few, "highly evolved" women who don't care about this, but the fact is it's annoying and disrespectful to be looking at other women. I don't look at other men when I'm with my man, and I don't look at them when he isn't around either. Does this mean I don't notice a good-looking guy? Yes, I notice but I don't look at him any more than I look at any other person I see.

    Do other women have different levels of flex on this? Yes.

    But I wouldn't count on it.

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